The Twin Connection

Originally written September 5, 2012

For the very first time today, I think we experienced the “twin connection.” I’m talking about that connection that some twins seem to have, where they know what each other is thinking, even feeling.

All of the kiddos were enjoying a nice afternoon nap, so I figured it was safe to lay down on the couch myself. I got about a 40 minute nap in before Alex woke up crying. I didn’t want him to wake his brothers, so I quickly grabbed him and brought him back to the couch with me to nurse, hoping that would settle him back down and allow me to get a little more sleep.

Not even five minutes had passed before Ben somehow sensed that his brother was no longer by his side. He started fussing. I didn’t move immediately, trying to give Ben a chance to settle back down if he could because I knew he needed more sleep. Typically when I am in a situation like this, whoever is currently getting fed does a great job of ignoring their brother and keeping at the task at hand. That wasn’t the case today.

Alex stopped nursing and looked up at me as if to say, “my brother is unhappy, aren’t you going to do something about it?” And then his bottom lip came out and started quivering, and before I could even believe my eyes, Alex was starting to cry for his brother! I almost had to laugh at the selflessness of it all. Alex didn’t want to enjoy nursing while Ben was upset. What a sweetheart!

Alan and I have had a few conversations about the “twin connection.” He isn’t so sure he believes in it, but I am really starting to. I do know one thing, I cannot wait until the boys are old enough that I can ask them about it.


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  1. The Future Mrs.Brandman
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 15:00:36

    The twin connection is very real!!! 🙂 love the new blog:)


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