On the Move…

Well it is official, we now have two completely mobile little men! And I have to laugh, because their approaches have been completely opposite of one another, and that’s just one of the many things I find so fascinating about Ben and Alex. They may share the same DNA, but don’t think for even half a second that they are the same person. They are absolutely individuals, and I love watching their individuality shine through.

Benjamin has actually been on the move for a while now. He has taken the “Army Crawl” approach to getting around. At right around 7 months old, he started dragging himself around on his belly, using his hands to grab fistfuls of carpet, kicking with his feet. Even now at 8 months old, he still army crawls, though he has really perfected his skills. When he sets his sights on something he wants, the boy can move fast! I’ve only seen him try to get up on his knees once to crawl, and it was for mere seconds… he seems very satisfied with his current mode of transportation, and I say, hey, if it Ben on his belly works for him, why not?

Ben on his belly

Ben on his belly

Alexander took a very different approach. About the same time that Ben began army crawling, Alex would roll himself in the direction he wanted to go. It wasn’t a perfect technique, and consequently he didn’t get very far. Then bit by bit, he learned how to get up on his hands and knees. He wouldn’t go anywhere but would simply rock back and forth, testing the waters, so to speak. Alex has always been the more analytical one, you can see him thinking things through, processing. Ben on the other hand has always been the more physical one. He just goes, doesn’t have to stop to think about it, he’s just off and running. Alex has to think it through first.

Then, just a few days before Christmas, right at about the 8 month old mark, Alex took off. He decided rocking on his hands and knees wasn’t good enough anymore, and he got moving, and after just a few short weeks, he is downright good at crawling! And as if that wasn’t enough, just days after mastering his mad crawling skills, Alex began pushing up onto his feet, pulling up onto furniture, he can now get himself into a standing position with minial assistance. Of course, we’ve had several instances of him pulling up on the wrong piece of furniture, and bumps and bruises are bound to happen, but he doesn’t let that deter him from the goal. I honestly don’t think it will be long before that child is standing completely on his own, and even walking! Now we are just dying to see when Ben decides to follow in his brothers footsteps, literally.100_2065

Alex standing up

Alex standing up

Of course a disclaimer needs to be added to this, in all seriousness. It is only natural that we make some comparison between the two boys as they develop, after all they are the same age and hitting the same developmental milestones at roughly the same time. But, Alan and I have always stressed that there is no competition between the two. Nobody is ahead or more gifted, nobody is behind. Sometimes Alex has been the first to do something, sometimes it has been Ben. So long as both boys hit their milestones on their own timeline, and continue to grow and learn and thrive, we are happy and thrilled. And we are oh so proud of them both for everything they do!


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