Does breastmilk give you super powers????

While I am certain that there is absolutely no scientific evidence out there to support my hypothesis, I have come to the conclusion that breastmilk does give babies super powers, specifically ESP (extrasensory perception). Why do I believe this? Because my babies have an all too keen sense of just when Momma is finally starting to relax, and a desperate need to then screw with me.

Kiddo bedtime around our house is roughly 7pm. We all head upstairs at 6:30, baths every other night, pj’s, nursing, stories, and all three are off to dreamland by 7:30. I make it my goal to go to bed around 9:30, since I know I won’t be getting a solid 8 hours, though often times I find myself not heading upstairs until closer to 11 (eek!). But regardless of what time I turn in, I know that Ben and Alex will somehow be tuned into it.

At least four nights a week, I kid you not, I will have finally settled down in bed, shut off the never-ending hamster wheel that runs in my head, have entered that glorious half-awake, half-asleep, drowsy, wonderful state right before you fall asleep…. and then a child starts crying. Without fail, at least four nights a week! I swear, these kids know the exact moment that I am finally ready to shut it down and get some rest, and that’s when they call out for me. Sigh.

So the only explanation is ESP, linked through breastmilk. Eh, I don’t know, I’m reaching here….

On a totally unrelated note, however, Benjamin is starting to crawl on his hands and knees! He still prefers belly crawling when he is on a mission and needs to move, but he’s starting to take more and more “steps” in traditional crawl mode. It is so much fun to watch them discover new things! I will try to get some pictures and videos of all the boys this week… more to come.


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