Free pizza anyone?

One of my goals with this blog is to, from time to time, share my tips and tricks on living a thriftier lifestyle, since that is one of my many new jobs as CEO/CFO of Casa de Knights. And this one was so good and so easy, I couldn’t pass up sharing.

Papa Johns is running a promotion right now that you simply have to take advantage of. They created this website, where you can vote on the coin toss for Superbowl Sunday, heads or tails. If you guess right, you win a free, large, one-topping pizza.

Here’s the all-too-easy catch. It’s limited to one entry per person. BUT, it’s not limited to one person per household. So grab your significant other, or a friend you wouldn’t mind sharing a meal with, and go vote. One of you picks heads, the other tails. And you are guaranteed a free pizza after Superbowl Sunday! Pretty cool, huh?


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