The “awww” moment of the morning

Well, my car needs to go into the shop. There’s something wrong, the battery keeps dying. So in the meantime, we’ve moved all the car seats over to Alan’s car, and will be taking him to work, so that we aren’t stranded at home with an unreliable car.

This morning, after we dropped Alan off and were heading home, I pointed out the apartment complex where I used to live when I first moved to Colorado. I was talking to Connor about how I used to live there, and then how Daddy and I fell in love and got married and how then he came along, and then Alex and Ben came along, and how we were now one big happy family. And Connor tells me, “no, we aren’t one big happy family.” Say what?

So I said, “yes we are, why do you say we aren’t?”

“Because Daddy isn’t here.”

Awwwwww! What a sweetheart I have!


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