And the Answer is…





The other night I put these two photos side by side, with the question of, “who is that baby?” And the answer is….

The picture on the left is Alexander, the picture on the right is Connor. I couldn’t resist posting this juxtaposition, because I am constantly noticing similarities between all my boys. Of course, similarities between Ben and Alex are pretty obvious. Duh, they are identical twins! But the fact that we seem to have this unofficial triplet, just 22 months older, completely fascinates me.

The day that I caught Alex pressing his face up to the patio door, I could not help but both laugh, and feel a bittersweet sense of nostalgia. Because I remembered this photo of Connor, doing the exact same thing, about two years ago. Amazing the comparisons we can make! And amazing the beautiful trips down memory lane I am constantly able to take, remembering when my first-born was just a wee baby.

And yes, Benjamin has been known to press his face up to the glass as well, he just never does it when I have a camera handy.


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