Sleep Training: Night 1

Well, we survived. Honestly, it went much better than I thought it would. Alan will tell you otherwise. That is most likely because A) I was mentally gearing up for an all nighter, and B) my poor husband is at an all-day astronomy event today, working on very little sleep regardless. But I am cautiously optimistic that now we have begun, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, so there is hope that this will all be worth it, for everyone.

As predicted, last night is much of a blur, thanks to my major sleep debt. The only thing I do vividly remember, and I only share this with the world to demonstrate just how d**n tired I am, is going to pee at some point in the middle of the night, falling asleep and waking up just in time to catch myself as I started to fall off the toilet. Yup, that really happened. I’m tired!!!!!!

Luckily I did bring a notepad upstairs with me last night, so I jotted down what was happening at the time. Here’s what our night looked like:

9:45.   Alex wakes up as I’m heading upstairs to bed. I alternated between consoling and letting him cry on his own for a few minutes, going into his room a total of three times, and turned their music back on. He finally settled down after about 20 minutes total.

12:00. Benjamin wakes up. Since it had been 5 hours since they ate before bed, I decided to go ahead and nurse him. The goal is to eventually cut night feedings, but I need to wean the night feedings slowly for both their sake and mine. So I go in and nurse Ben, Alex wakes up during, so I tandem and then we get them both back to bed.

2:15. Benjamin wakes up screaming, very upset. I picked him up and rocked him (yeah I know, I wasn’t supposed to pick him up). He settled in my arms but didn’t want to be put back to bed. I turned the music back on and left for the mandatory 5 minutes. He cried for 3, then quieted, then kept crying off and on in little bursts until 3-ish, when Alan took him downstairs for Motrin, figuring it had to be his teeth that wouldn’t give him any relief. I then retrieved him, because going downstairs is against the rules too, but went ahead and nursed him again because I knew he was in pain. He then went back to bed.

Sometime before 4:30. Alexander wakes up crying. Alan never came back to bed after taking Ben downstairs, so he handled this round, which means I don’t have anything written in my journal about it. I do know I finally gave in a nursed Alex at 4:30.

6:30. Both boys are up for the morning, and in good moods! In fact, we knew they were awake because we could hear them blowing raspberries at each other. So obviously they survived the trauma of the night just fine…

Okay, got to mentally start gearing up for Night 2. Dang I could really use a nap right now!!!

I think I should add a nightly tally of wake-ups, so we can hopefully see progress. So if my math is correct, total number of wake-ups last night (adding together both babies)… 5.


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