Sleep Training: Night 2

I’m not going to lie, last night was rough. Part of it may be that I was just so unbelievably tired all day yesterday, didn’t get a nap, didn’t go to bed very early… but if I had been hoping to see progress from the first night to the second, it wasn’t there.

Here’s what last night looked like:

10:20. Alex starts some light fussing, I went in to comfort him and turn the lullabies back on. In hindsight he wasn’t really crying, so I probably should have left well enough alone.

11:50. Alex is crying again. I turned the lullabies back on again (they run for an hour). I tried to comfort him, that wasn’t working. I tried offering him some water (something we thought we should add o the mix since it’s been so dry lately, maybe they are thirsty?), he didn’t want that. Finally I left him and he cried for about a minute of hard crying before settling, but then fussed off an on for the next 20 minutes.

12:09. It’s been 5 hours now since they ate last, so I nurse Alex.

1:15. Ben is up now, it’s been more than 5 hours for him, so I nurse him.

?? I think Alan got up with one or both of the boys at this point, I don’t remember.

3:45. Ben is up and screaming. I had to pick him up, I couldn’t leave him like that. I rocked him and he settled down, but as soon as I tried to put him back in his crib, he was screaming again. I had to leave him, he quieted down in about a minute or so.

4:00. Ben again. Alan tries this time and at 4:07 tells me they are moving to the couch to lay down together. Yes, this breaks one of the cardinal rules, but I say, go for it. Not sure what happened after that. I fell back asleep until roughly….

5:45. Both are up and fussing, I nurse them both and put them both back to bed, but they are awake. I go back to bed, Alan is already up. He can’t even remember when they got up for the day.

Ugh. Yeah, that was about as sucky as it sounds. When does this get easier?!?!?!? Deep breaths, we keep trying…

On a totally unrelated note, now that I am basically putting their “go to sleep” lullabies on auto-repeat, what is up with nursery rhymes and lullabies??? I mean, seriously, cradles fall out of trees, bridges fall down, mice with special needs get their tails cut off, birds bite maids on the nose… it’s brutal. WTF??? This is what we sing to our kids? Have I just stumbled onto the secret of what is wrong with our society??? But hey, the tunes are soothing, so there’s something.


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