Sleep Training: Night 4

First things first, I don’t have a very detailed log of last night’s activities. My amazing and wonderful husband took the lead last night, allowing me to sleep through most of the crying and such. But we did quickly compare notes this morning, so here’s what I have:

1:24. Alex wakes up crying. Alan goes in and gets him settled back down.

2:00. Alex is awake again, I go in and nurse him.

2:50. Ben wakes up crying. Alan goes in to soothe him.

3:15. I nurse Ben.

4:something. Alex is up again, Alan goes in to settle him.

5:50. Alex is up for the morning, I bring him back to my bed and let him nurse.

6:00. Ben is up for the morning, so I trade babies and let him nurse.

By my count, keeping in mind that we may have missed something, that’s five wake-ups, same as on Night 1. So really, we’re not making progress, though it is much better than what we dealt with last night. The very good news is that the first wake-up didn’t come until almost 1:30, that’s never happened before. I will gladly count that as a step in the right direction.

I also am feeling more comfortable that the babies do not need to nurse at night anymore. I am currently giving them one chance to eat at night, compared to several times before. I think we can cut out the last feeding session, more importantly, I think we need to, so that we are eliminating any reason that they should be awake in the middle of the night. The past few nights I’ve been jumping to the nursing option if enough time has passed. I think from here on out, I don’t nurse unless they are just completely inconsolable.

I mentioned in a previous post the various steps in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. The third and final option is traditional cry it out. I have a feeling we are going to have to go to that level. Fortunately, Alan’s wonderful and kind boss has agreed to give him Thursday and Friday off. That gives us a four-day weekend to make this happen. So we escalate to cry it out Wednesday night. Tonight, we continue with graduated cry it out. We’ll see how things go.


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