Sleep Training: Night 6

Okay, I’m in shock, absolute, ecstatic, did this really happen, shock. Last night was awesome!!!! I don’t know if it was a fluke, or the start of our new nightly routine, but even just one night of good sleep has given me renewed hope that this is working and we will all be feeling, and sleeping, much better very soon!

I was honestly nervous about last night, and already starting to feel really guilty about things, before I went to bed. The book experts say if you are going to do cry it out, you can’t set a minimum lower than 45 minutes. Could we possibly let one or both babies cry for 45 minutes? Would they hate us for it? So many awful thoughts were running through my head. Alan and I finally decided before we turned in, that we would just be flexible. There would be absolutely no nursing before 5 am, but as far as crying, we would keep a close eye on the clock and adjust as need be. And it turns out, I didn’t have any reason to be worried.

2:08. Benjamin wakes up and starts crying. That’s right, we didn’t hear from either boy until after 2am!!!! By 2:21, Ben had stopped crying and fallen back asleep, I never got out of bed, just watched him on the video monitor.

3:26. Ben wakes up crying again, but literally just for a minute or two. I got up to use the bathroom while he was fussing and was able to hear him settle back down. It was at that point, though, that I realized it was after 3am and I hadn’t heard a peep from Alexander. You know, my twin who has always slept worse, fights naps and bed time, doesn’t like to go to sleep without nursing…. hadn’t made a sound since we put him to bed at 7pm. So I freaked out a little bit. I knew at this point that even though Ben was quiet, he was either still awake or in a very light sleep. I knew going into their room would be disastrous, but I HAD to go check on Alex, just to make sure he was okay. Of course he was fine, fast asleep. And of course I woke Ben back up and he got very upset with me. I comforted him for a moment or two, then turned their music back on and left. I knew my staying in there would just make things worse. I felt terrible about waking him up, but I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I needed to know that Alex was okay.

4:45. Alexander wakes up and fusses. I’m not even sure how long he cried for because I fell back asleep, so it couldn’t have been very long or very extensive.

6:00. Both boys are up for the day with Alan. I sleep in until Connor gets up at 6:45. Yes, I do consider that sleeping in, hahaha.

So that was our night! Other than my freak-out Mommy moment, there was absolutely no reason to go to their room at all…. wow!!!! Now will this happen again tonight? I have no idea. But what I do know is that it is possible at this age and stage in their lives for them to do this, and that’s exactly what I needed to boost my confidence that we are doing the right thing. And other than being incredibly hungry this morning, both boys were in great moods, as am I. I feel almost human again, which I am very thankful for. There is hope.


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  1. Bernardina
    Aug 10, 2014 @ 08:38:41

    I read this post by alternative mama she lists 8 reasons why not to sleep train, I think she s confusing sleep training with CIO though, but reading it did break my heart. here it is:


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