Sleep Training: Night 7

This will be a quick post, partly because I just have too much to do today, partly because I (fortunately) don’t have much to report. Last night was a great night too, yay!!!! My log was extremely small, barely even worth mentioning.

We had one wake-up from Ben around 3:45 and one wake-up from Alex around 5:00. I don’t know how long either one was awake for because I fell back asleep. I consider that, in and of itself, to be a good sign, since I wouldn’t have gone back to sleep if the crying escalated or persisted. They both were up for the day around 6:30, hungry but happy.

I hope and pray that we have turned a corner here. I know Alan and I both still feel very run down, but we have hope that our bodies will finally be able to turn back around soon. It seems like this past week has been the absolute worst of the 10 months of no sleep since our angels came along, and I guess that is to be expected. I mean, if sleep training was a walk in the park, wouldn’t everyone do it from the get go? I will keep the sleep log going for another week, I think, just to make sure we don’t go backwards or anything. But I’d also like to start writing about other topics again, too, maybe now that I will soon find myself with a little more energy.

Speaking of the chance for regression, though, I had a minor panic attack this morning when I realized that we lose an hour of sleep this weekend. Really, daylight saving, really?!?!?!?? This timing could not be worse! I’ve never known a child to adjust to the time change well…. but we shall see.


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