Confessions of a Sleep Training Failure…

I know what you’re thinking, she had it all figured out! We followed along on the week and a half long process! The boys were successfully sleep trained! Well, they were… for about two weeks.

It’s confession time for me. After all the noise I made about sleep training, I’ve tried to be fairly quiet in the aftermath because I wasn’t ready to admit failure. Yes, we got the boys sleeping through the night, and yes, it was amazing. I began envisioning all the new projects I could start for the boys, new obstacles to tackle, now that I would be getting decent sleep. I would feel better and not be so dependent on coffee for the first time in a year. I could utilize nap time to get things accomplished, not to try and sleep myself because I was so desperately in need of a recharge.

So what went wrong? Well, life I guess. Shortly after Ben and Alex began sleeping through the night, they both came down with a really severe head cold. It was the very first respiratory illness of their lives, and at 11 months, I am very thankful for that. (Poor Connor was sick every other week in daycare). But it also meant they had absolutely no immunity built up to fight the cold, so it lingered and lingered, and they were miserable and unable to sleep well. And it all went downhill from there.

We know it’s time to sleep train all over again; if it worked once before, I am confident it will work again. We just have to bite the bullet and do it. In the mean time, my list of ideas and projects will stay just that, a list in my head…. but stay tuned… you will *hopefully* be hearing all about them soon.


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