1800 miles, flea-bag motels, and plenty of vomit

Well I am all too happy to say that the Knight family recently took its very first family vacation as a five-some, and we lived to talk about it! We drove down to Texas, about 900 miles each way, for my brother’s wedding. Of course I know what you’re thinking… road trip with three little kids, are you crazy???? Well, yes, maybe. But we also figured there was no way we could lug three kids and all our gear on an airplane either, and at least with the car we could set our own travel pace and stop whenever we needed to.

That need unfortunately became all too apparent when just 45 miles from home Alex got sick. And then 45 miles after we cleaned him up and got moving again, he got sick again. It turns out the winding curves of I-25 through the most southern part of Colorado gave my poor baby motion sickness. We finally decided to flip his car seat around for the remainder of the trip (since he is technically old enough and big enough), and that was the last of the vomiting in the car…. but not for the trip. I won’t get into any more details, but we had a grand total of 6 episodes of vomit over the span of 10 days… fun times had by all.

At any rate, the boys actually did quite amazingly on the trip, overall. They played and looked out the windows and slept, and they really didn’t complain until about the final hour of travel. So for anyone who wants to take little ones on a road trip, yes it is doable. Just bring plenty of toys, snacks, DVDs, and patience!

The biggest problem we had with our travel plans was not knowing where we would stop for the night. The goal was Amarillo and we arrived around midnight, only to learn that there was some big rodeo taking place, and every single hotel was booked! So we kept driving and came across a dinky little motel in the town of Claude around 1:30 am. To call this a flea-bag motel is putting it nicely. We’re talking mold on the walls, cigarette burns in the counter, bugs in the tub… I’ve even learned since that this fine establishment may be a preferred location for drug deals… yikes! We slept a few hours and then got the you-know-what out of there as fast as possible.

Of course once we arrived at our destination, we had an absolutely fantastic week. We went sailing, went swimming, played with friends, visited with family, celebrated Connor’s 3rd birthday, and just had a truly wonderful time. The only problem was that the boys really over-did it, and by the time the wedding rolled around, they were exhausted and completely spent. So we missed out on most of the reception, which I’m still a little bummed about. I would have loved to spend more time celebrating and even gotten the chance to dance with all of my men. But such is life as a parent, you don’t always get to do what you want to do, and you deal with it and move on. I’m just glad we were able to be there to show our love and support for my brother’s big day.1025884_10200788268242335_717630384_o

I am also very excited now to know that we really can handle long-distance travel. Before this trip, our last vacation was shortly after I got pregnant with Ben and Alex (before we even knew there were two!). We have no family nearby and it can feel very isolated out here. It’s really nice to know that we don’t have to be so limited in the future… have kids, will travel!


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