Pool time and potty training

Ah, one milestone draws to a close while another begins.Connor_Swimming

Today was Connor’s last day of his two-week swim class. Is he ready for the English Channel? Not by a long shot. But over the past eight lessons, I have observed his confidence in the water grow by leaps and bounds. He is now happy to put his head down and blow bubbles, float on his back (with assistance), kick his legs, moves his arms, and today I even watched him swim on his own with just the aid of a floatation device. There are not enough words to express how proud I am of my little man!

Click here to see CJ in action.

So now we are ready to tackle the next big challenge: potty training. It has been a year since we first introduced the concept, and we have had a long and rather frustrating year of no progress. Looking back now, I know Connor wasn’t ready a year ago. Sure, he understood what needed to happen, that was never the issue. I think the massive changes that came with bringing two new babies into the house were just too much, and we should not have pressured him to embrace any more changes.

The past few weeks and months, I have tried to just sit back and observe Connor’s behavior, when it comes to matters of the potty. We have talked with him about how 3 year olds don’t wear diapers anymore and how his friends are starting to use the potty. We have told him matter-of-factly that he is getting too big for his diapers, and since they don’t make a bigger size, we really have no choice but to start using the potty. The truth is they do make a bigger size, but I feel that in parenting, there are always times when a little white lie may be in everyone’s best interest. I freely admit that I feel this is one of those times.

Along with this gentle nudging, recently I have seen some changes in his bathroom behavior that show me, without going in to too much detail, he is ready for the next step. But at the same time, I also know that he uses his diapers as a safety net. So beginning tomorrow, we cut the cord, so to speak. The safety net disappears, and we let the cards (or poop and pee) fall where they may.

We shall be patient. We shall be positive. But with the exception of naptime and nighttime, the diapers are gone for good! Wish us luck!


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