Don’t take my brothers back!

I must begin by apologizing, I have done a horrible job of keeping up this blog lately. I don’t even have a good excuse. It seems like lately I am so overwhelmed by my own thoughts, I cannot even dissect them to get them down on paper. My mind is constantly going in a million directions, and quite frankly, it is exhausting. I don’t know why or what the fix is, but I am hoping writing will help. So I will try to be better about keeping up with this blog. Maybe once I get the thoughts down on paper, they won’t take up so much space in my head anymore.

At any rate, this post is supposed to be about an absolutely adorable little exchange in the Knight household, last night. It began in a slightly less than adorable fashion, however. For the very first time since becoming a parent, I uttered those dreaded words, “just wait until your father gets home, you are going to be in big trouble!” And no, this was not directed at my oldest, but at my two youngest hellions instead. Their heinous offense? Pulling down one of the blinds from the patio doorway. Our children have been warned time and time again to stay out of the vertical blinds because this was not the first to be ripped down.

Alan arrived home shortly after this exchange, and Connor was quick to tattle on his brothers. Alan and I have a long-standing joke that we will return these crazy kids, just as soon as we can find the receipts. So Alan told Connor that this was the last straw, and we were going to have to take Ben and Alex back, that he should hurry up and kiss his brothers goodbye because they were leaving for good. And Connor flipped out! He went into an immediate panic, begging and pleading with his daddy to not take his brothers away. I got in on the joke, asking Connor if he was sure he wanted to keep his brothers, seeing as how they like to cause so much trouble. He was adamant, he needed his brothers and they were not to go anywhere. I believe he even threw out a few “pleases.” Of course my heart melted on the spot at such a vulnerable display of affection and loyalty. What an incredible big brother!

Now I guess our big project for today is heading over to Lowe’s and seeing if I can find replacement slats for the patio blinds. Such is life when you live in a house full of rowdy boys.


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