To-do lists: Necessary evil or modern day torture device?

I will be the first to admit, I’m a little bit obsessive-compulsive… okay, a lot bit. It’s a trait I have often embraced, a quality that allows me to multi-task, whether in my career or in my everyday life as a busy mother of three small boys. Multi-tasking is a necessity, and I excel at it. But sometimes my obsession bites me in the you-know-what.

I am all about the to-do lists. They are organized, simple, efficient. What do I need to accomplish today? Why, just go check the to-do list, your answer is right there in black and white. Except as of late, my to-do list has taken on a life of its own. For every one thing I am able to cross off, I have three more that need to be added. How many times have I opened up the nifty smart phone app that houses my list, only to realize I cannot cross anything off but must add half a dozen more items? Too many times to count. It is downright depressing.

Last week I was finally able to cross something off my list that had been there, literally, for months. The feeling of accomplishment was incredible! And so, in a way, I truly believe that I am addicted to my to-do list, no matter how long it gets, how many items I add to it with no end in sight, that momentary euphoria when one little mundane task can finally be deleted forever… it’s all worth it to me.

Is there a to-do lists anonymous I could sign up for somewhere?


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