Step outside your comfort zone…

And you might just be pleasantly surprised by the results.

I did something today that I have never done before, I took the boys to a nice, sit-down restaurant for lunch, all by myself. Up until now, I’ve never felt brave enough to tackle anything more upscale than the mall food court when flying solo. And while Alan and I do occasionally take the family out to a restaurant, it is a very rare treat. Not to mention that when we do eat out, I typically pack an arsenal of supplies: toys, crayons, extra wipes, etc.

Skippin' StonesI had no extra supplies on hand today. We went out to the nature center to throw stones in the river. It was quickly approaching lunchtime, and I needed an excuse to pull three very unwilling children out of the water, and scorching sun. The nearby restaurant seemed like the answer, so I went for it. And it went really well! We were lucky to get a table out on the patio, which served two important functions. It gave the kids enough atmosphere to be entertained, and it gave us all a healthy amount of isolation from any other patrons we could possibly bother. Considering the average patron at the restaurant this afternoon was over the age of 70, I really didn’t want my young and rowdy crew to cause anyone any issues.

But they were wonderfully behaved gentlemen! When it took a little too long for the food to arrive, out came the smart phone and cartoons on YouTube, and we managed quite well. Sure there was an incident with some spilled ice water, and a bit of screaming and crying as we left (nap time, anyone?). But all in all, it was a very pleasant experience, and I have to thank my three handsome lunch dates for such an enjoyable outing!


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