Playing Catch-Up

You would think that with the holidays behind us now, life would slow down just a bit. Not so much around here, life is charging on, busy as ever! I find myself in catch-up mode right now, trying to wrap up loose ends before I feel I can fully embrace the new year and all of the projects and goals that it holds for me and our family.

The tree is bare, the holiday decorations are 90% put away (and reorganized for next year, whoo hoo!), almost all of the toys have been unpackaged and set up, the last of my own gifts to give are in the mail as of this morning (behind the curve ball, oh yes, but I can blame the company for losing my order for two weeks….), the receipts have been filed, the bills are ready to be paid, Connor’s preschool resumes today, and on and on….

My hope is to spend the next few days finishing the little projects that need to be finished, so we can move on to bigger and better things! Among the goals for this year: teach Connor to read, figure out which school he will be attending in (gulp) 18 short months and get him on the necessary wait lists, continue expanding the twins’ vocabulary, find new and fun adventures for the boys to enjoy every day, write more, start a new fitness routine, sleep more (yeah right), go on an actual date with my husband, and just try to enjoy every single day a little more.

Wish me luck, it’s going to be a busy but exciting year ahead!


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