The Bubble Boy had it right all along

No, I’m not talking moors versus moops here (please tell me you get the reference!), but these days I am thinking life in a bubble might not be so bad. Or at least, sticking my kids in a bubble.

Our entire family is currently recovering from a bout of the flu. Which is ridiculous in and of itself, seeing as how four out of the five of us got flu shots! But what is more ridiculous is that this latest illness has just been the icing on the cake of a terrible season of germs for us. It seriously feels like our family has been sick at least once a month, all Winter long. And it’s getting old… I honestly don’t even have the time to be sick anymore, there is too much going on (hence the not having time to write lately).

I wish I could understand why we seem so susceptible to germs this year. Has it just been that nasty of a year for everyone? We have avoided virtually all indoor play areas, ie: germ factories, and yet the germs seem to find us regardless… Maybe next Winter surgical masks and gloves for everyone is the way to go.

I do know this, we are a family that shares everything, and that includes illness. We simply cannot help it. This is a family who is constantly in one another’s faces with kisses and snuggles and loving. So if one person contracts an illness, there is a really good chance it will be spread to all of us before that first infector even begins to show symptoms. Such is life, but I’m not willing to give up my kisses. I know that someday, not too far away, I will have three surly teenage boys who refuse to show affection. So I’m going to eat up every ounce of affection they are willing to give me now, germs be damned.



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