Getting out of my funk…

Okay, I will admit it, I have been in a full-fledged funk lately. I haven’t blogged in… well…. a long time. And I haven’t wanted to. There have been a number of things going on in our lives, weighing on my mind, cluttering my brain, and just generally distracting me. And I haven’t really had the energy or desire to clear the fog. Until now.

I am clearing it. I have to. It is time to get mentally back on track. The first step, I need to start writing again. If I can get the clutter (or at least some of it) out of my head and down on paper (computer), then it will help. So here goes. I’m going to attempt to blog every single day for the next seven days. Sort of a back-in-the-saddle blogging purge, if you will. I can’t guarantee what I write about will be super interested, though I will try to make it so. That isn’t the point. The point is to just get back in the routine of exercising my brain….

IMAG0471So tonight’s get-out-of-the-funk exercise was baking! Thanks to my amazing neighbor, I have been wanting to make chocolate chip zucchini muffins for about three weeks now… and never found the time or energy. Tonight I bit the bullet and got my baking on…. and the kitchen is already starting to smell very good! I’m hoping the boys will enjoy them as a treat in the morning. I always love to give them yummy things that have a little nutritional benefit to them….

Tomorrow’s funk-free agenda: swim lessons! In a totally last-minute thing, a friend of mine got us hooked up with her children’s swim teacher. I was going to forgo lessons this year, since the twins are too young. I could only imagine that dragging them poolside and forcing them to sit still, out of the water, while big brother got to swim…. would be neither feasible nor fair. But this way, all three can take lessons together!

PS: It feels good to be writing again.


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