A very happy birthday

I almost have to laugh at myself and the fact that I already blew my “write a blog every day for a week” thing yesterday, but man did my head hurt! Anyway, I digress…. tonight I will make it happen, even though I am beyond exhausted, and have a house and yard to finish cleaning while all of my men sleep…..

Today my sweet Connor turned four years old. I’m still a little in shock that he is four already, part of me wishes these boys would stop growing so dang fast! But to be perfectly honest, it is exciting to pass these milestones alongside them, watching them grow and change and develop into their future selves. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

I know I said before that life has been pretty hectic around here. That is in large part due to some crazy, downright insane, hours Alan is having to work right now. For example, he worked his normal shift yesterday, stayed late, came home for about four hours, went back to work last night, and didn’t get home until this afternoon…. at which point he had to go immediately to bed before he fell over. This is how it’s been around here lately, and it will continue this way for a bit longer. I’ve kind of been doing the single-mom thing, we just don’t get much Daddy time right now.

Unfortunately, without Alan around, a formal birthday party for Connor this year wasn’t really a feasible option. So I decided to just throw a small party today, with Connor’s closest friends, and we went for it. We played in the pool out back, we had pizza and cupcakes, and the kids had a blast. (And Alan slept through all of the screaming and chaos, now that’s exhaustion!) It turned out really well…. But now I’m worn out too.

So with that final thought, I am going to end this blog, go take care of the chores that simply cannot wait until morning, and spend the rest of the evening in a vegetative state in front of the television… until I pass out. I think I earned it today….


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