Swim like a dolphin

We are now in week four of swim lessons, and we are much overdue for an update. Overall the boys are doing fantastic! They have made huge leaps in their confidence and skill levels, and I am very impressed with each of them.

swimming 4th of julyConnor:
When we first began, Connor was a very timid young man. He didn’t want to leave my side or have me let go of him. He refused to talk to the teacher or any of the swim aides. I was more than a little bit worried about him. But now, he is a whole new boy in the pool. Connor is happy to jump in and swim all on his own (with the help of his water wings, of course). He will jump off the side, swim through hoops, put his head under water for several seconds at a time, he is so comfortable now! Connor even took his water wings off a little yesterday, so he could experience swimming under water on his own for a few feet. He is doing wonderfully.

When we first began swim lessons, I would get in the pool and immediately look like a Mama monkey: one child in front with his arms wrapped around my neck, the other clinging to my back for dear life. Alexander has been the first one to find his bravery. He has begun letting go of me completely to “swim” (aka float) on his own. As long as I stay close, he is fine. He loves to blow bubbles and will even occasionally jump from the side of the pool if it is directly into my arms. That is some major progress for the child who once wrapped his arms and legs around me like tentacles, refusing to loosen his grip. Best of all, he finally let one of the swim aides take him away from me to the other side of the pool, yesterday. It only lasted about five minutes before he had enough and began crying, but it’s progress!!

Benjamin continues to be my most timid swimmer, and that is okay. He is happy to swim the length of the pool with me, holding on with one hand while he scoops water with his other hand and kicks his feet. He prefers to keep at least one hand on me at all times, though we are experimenting with short periods of letting go. No jumping off the side for Ben yet, and no swimming with anyone other than Mama. And that’s fine. I am happy to let him learn at his own pace; I want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience, I don’t want him to be scared or learn to dislike swimming. We will just keep taking baby steps and make a little progress at a time.20140704_094148

I am very proud of all of my boys for the advances they have made!


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