The great grape experiment

I always have to laugh a little at one of Connor’s food idiosyncrasies. He does not particularly care for grapes, but he could eat an entire container of raisins in one sitting if I let him. Ben and Alex, on the other hand, love grapes and raisins equally.

I have explained to Connor many times that raisins are nothing more than dried grapes. So my little scientist has decided he wants to make his own! Challenge accepted. In my mind I am thinking, okay, you take a bunch of grapes, and leave them out in the sun for a while. Right? It couldn’t be any more complicated than that. And if the world wide web is any indicator, I am pretty much right.

IMAG0490This past Tuesday, we first began our great grape experiment, aka, taking some grapes and leaving them out in the sun to see what happens. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but the Monsoon season has created less than favorable conditions. Fortunately this week has been filled with blistering heat, perfect for grape drying. We are using a glass bowl and glass lid to prevent birds or bugs from interfering. The Internet recommended a mesh cloth over the top, but I’m improvising with what we have. At night, I bring the bowl inside to avoid excess moisture from dew, and so I can take the lid off and let the grapes breathe. Other than that, it’s pretty much a hands-off project. Rotate the grapes from time to time, and we are good.

So here’s what they look like now, on day 4. Brown and the shriveling process has begun. I think that means we are making progress! I will be sure to update once we have a finished product on our hands.IMAG0493

A side note, though. Connor is convinced that while the sun will work just fine, he can get the same results from a blow dryer. Where did he get this notion? From an episode of The Cat in the Hat, when Thing 1 and Thing 2 dried cocoa beans with a blow dryer. Oh my sweet son, I guess now is as good a time as any to learn that you can’t believe everything you see on television.


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