Brotherly Love

Today was Connor’s Christmas party at preschool. Parents were invited to join the fun, but they asked that siblings not come, simply because they want it to be a special occasion for the students. Fortunately, there is a daycare/play area at the same building, so I could send Benjamin and Alexander there and still be at the party for Connor.

Alex was excited to get and go play; Ben not so much. In fact there were tears and a borderline tantrum as I dropped them off. But I had promised Connor I would be there for him, so I didn’t have many options. I spent some time with Ben at the play area, and he finally calmed down and reluctantly decided he would go play. I kissed him goodbye and then kissed Alex goodbye. As I did, I asked Alex to take care of his brother for me while I was gone, and he readily agreed.

I returned to the party just in time for Christmas carols, a visit from Santa, and presents. It was adorable and I could tell Connor was having a wonderful time.

Fast forward about an hour and a half later, though, and one of the daycare workers came looking for me. It turns out poor Benjamin had somehow gotten stuck while he was playing in the giant slide, and while he was not hurt, he was completely inconsolable. So I left the party and ran back to the daycare. And the sight when I arrived simply melted my heart. There was Benjamin, laying on the floor crying. And there was Alexander, calmly laying next to his brother. Alex could have continued playing, but he instead decided to stay with Ben and keep him company. He was taking care of his brother, just as he had told me he would.

My boys may play hard and steal toys from each other and fight and hit, but they also love one another like no other. And I know they will always go to the ends of the Earth for each other. I am so proud of each of them and their kind hearts and souls. My three sons are my miracles, always.


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