The power of fruits and vegetables

Everywhere I look, I see illness. It is all over my Facebook page, both kids and adults. It is at the preschool, at the play dates, at my husband’s work. It is the time of year for illness, cold and flu are running rampant and leaving few survivors in the wake.

It even hit our house last week. No surprise there, when you have small kids who don’t always practice the best hygiene (get your finger out of your nose!), the spreading of germs is unavoidable. So I was not surprised at all when Connor came down with a cold this past Thursday. He spent most of the day sleeping or lying around lethargically, not even remotely interested in playing with his brothers. And I braced for the inevitable onslaught: who would be sick next and how bad?

But then the big surprise came Friday morning, when Connor was almost completely back to normal! Sure, he still has a lingering cough if he runs too hard, but other than that, you would have never known he had been sick in the first place. And the second surprise, five days later and nobody else in our house has come down with it, including the two who are most notorious for that nose picking I mentioned earlier.

While I feel very lucky that our family is fighting the good fight in the name of staying healthy, I know that much more played a role than just luck. It also has something to do with the changes we have made in our nutrition and the incredible impact that is having on our immune systems. The five of us flood our bodies with 30 different fruits, vegetables and berries EVERY SINGLE DAY, thanks to the Juice Plus+ we take. It is our insurance policy, and it is certainly paying off. Sickness is happening less frequently, and when it does, is not nearly as severe. We are actually surviving this winter, and we are able to continue to venture out into the real world without fearing germs that, in the past, would have meant certain doom (aka cabin fever as I tend to non-stop sick kids for weeks at a time).fruit veggie photo

Never underestimate the power of whole-food nutrition from fruits and vegetables. I never will again.

(Full disclosure here: I am a distributor for the Juice Plus+ Company, but I would take it and give it to my family with or without financial compensation. Because I know it is helping us live healthier lives.)


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