I can’t “do it all” anymore

I recently read another blog post that really spoke to me. It talked about why we, as a society, do a great disservice to mothers when we ask them how they “do it all?” I know, it sounds like you are giving a compliment to the woman who seems to have it all under control and is thriving in her chaotic, hectic life. But maybe you aren’t.

Perhaps instead, this statement/question puts undue pressure on the mother. I know it does for me. I begin taking a much closer examination of my life and every aspect within it. Am I doing it all? Am I living up to that reputation? Or am I falling pathetically short of the mark?

There are days when I feel like I am on top of it all. Homework is done, laundry in, dinner prepped, kids happy and engaged in a positive activity, kitchen clean, etc. And then there are days when I can’t seem to get anything accomplished, when the boys are constantly fighting and whining, when I feel like every small task is a struggle. And on those days, I am not doing it all, I am failing myself and my family. Or so it feels.

So I don’t want to “do it all” anymore. I can’t. I just want to spend every day being the best mother, wife, person I can be. And that is enough. Some days that might mean completing every single task on my to-do list, other days that might just be maintaining my sanity and keeping everyone safe, healthy, and (mostly) happy. My life is not perfect, I don’t have it all together. But what I do have is love. A whole heck of a lot of it. I am blessed to have an incredible family, and I will spend my life doing the best I can for them and be satisfied with that. They don’t need me to “do it all,” they need me to do my best for them.


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  1. Aunt Judy
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 08:59:10

    I just read this AM it isn’t whether we have a lot of money in the baadnk, a PhD behind our name, etc. What is important if we are living up to the potential God has designed us for and loving one another. So carry on. We all feel that way, whether our kids are little or grown up each day is different. How wonderful, eh? And how horrible if every day were the same.


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