And the Survey Says…

It is our goal that I not return to full-time employment until the kids are in school; we do not want to have to put the boys in daycare if we can help it. That being said, I still have to do whatever I can to help us make ends meet in these trying economic times. One of the easiest money-making opportunities I’ve found, particularly something I can do with limited time and energy, is to complete online surveys. I’ve signed up with several market research companies, and while the payouts are nothing astronomical, it does help to put a few extra dollars towards the diaper fund each and every month.

I decided I wanted to share some of the resources I found on my blog, for two reasons. One being that if anyone else, like me, is trying to find easy ways to earn a little extra cash, maybe this will work for you. The second, and I say this in full disclosure, if I can get any of you to sign up through my referral, I will get credit! So yes, I am putting this out there in hopes of it helping my own bottom line, I want to say that up front. If you are still interested, here are a few companies I have found that I like…

Opinion Outpost:
This is a great company because they are very flexible. You can log in and take surveys anytime you want. If you start a survey and end up not qualifying, they give you the option to donate to charity, so if you’re at all philanthropic, it’s a win-win. Once you get enough points, you can redeem them for cash straight to your Paypal account or for gift cards. I always take the Paypal route, because it is secure, and then I can just transfer the money to our bank account. This one doesn’t give me the option to refer new users, so if you’d like to sign up, just log onto and register.

Mindfield Online:
When you sign up for this company, you complete a series of profiles. They will then contact you via email when there is a study you qualify for, they do all the work for you. Most of their surveys start with a very quick questionnaire that you get credited for, then you will get additional payments if they decide to send you follow-up questionnaires. So this could potentially be a high money-maker. If you would like to try Mindfield, please use my referral code, I will get credit when you sign up.

Vindale Research:
The vast majority or their studies pay rather well, so this one is particularly inticing. But they have the highest cash-out threshold I’ve seen, at $50. Still, I guess that’s okay if you’re not in too terrible of a hurry to get your funds. Vindale also offers regular contests where they will randomly give away money, never a bad thing. And they have something called reward mail, where literally all you have to do is confirm that you received the email, and they credit 10-cents to your account. Not too shabby for something that takes 1.5 seconds to do (since you’re checking email anyway). A word of caution about this site: they call their surveys “studies”.. those are zero-obligation. You will find they also have “surveys,” where you will be asked to pay something upfront. I’ve never done these, I don’t want to do them, you don’t have to do them.

If you decide to give Vindale a try, please use my referral code when you sign up. It’s If you sign up and complete at least one survey or study, I get a credit on my account.

Inbox Dollars:
This site has surveys but a great deal more too. You can get paid for searching the Internet, watching videos, reading and confirming emails, completing FREE offers, completing simple tasks, etc. Most of these tasks only pay a few cents at a time, but trust me, it adds up pretty fast. And when you think about it, it only takes a second or two to click on an email, you’re going to search the Internet anyway, etc. I just got my first check from them, and I’m about ready to cash out for my next one, so I am a huge fan. Inbox Dollars will also pay me to refer people, so I would really love to have you sign up through me. My referral code is

It’s not my intention to offer these companies free advertising (though I realize that is a by-product); I sincerely hope that this post might be able to help someone out, who is in need of a little extra income here and there. And if you do sign up through one of my referrals, I will greatly appreciate it, it truly will help us out. So thank you in advance! (And let me know that you did, so I can thank you in person too!!!)