About Me

I have been a writer all my life, so it seems only natural that I write about the new and exciting changes now happening in my life, on an almost daily basis. My family is my world, and I am so excited to be taking this break from my career to focus on my loved ones.

A little about me, ever so quickly…. I am 29 years old, a Houston native who has been living in Southern Colorado now for eight years. I met my husband here, and eight months after we got married, we welcomed our eldest son into the world. Twenty-two months later, we were blessed again with the arrival of identical twin boys. Yes, we do move fast! I have a degree in Journalism, and I have been working in television news since I graduated from college, but now I have traded in that high-paced environment for another of a very different sort.

I am creating this blog to help me record milestones, musings, hopes and dreams as they come along, so that someday down the road, I can look back fondly on this amazing journey Alan and I are now on, as parents of the three most incredible little men.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I am going to enjoy writing it!

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